Of Headers And Backgrounds


Blogging 101 Day 7: Start Personalizing Your Site. Today, add a custom header image or background (or both).

After deciding on the theme, I searched the Internet for my header image. If you need one, I’ll recommend the website unsplash.com where you can find some great pics. What’s more? They are free from copyright issues!

My header image shows a person walking across the shore as if enjoying the sounds of waves crashing around him. I love to walk. It’s what I do when I need to clear my head. A few years ago, I had been to a sea for the first time in my life. The sound of waves crashing as I watched the sky lit with stars sprinkled around it was one of the most serene experience I’ve ever had.

Hence, while searching for an appropriate header image for my blog, this is where my heart went. I added my title and tagline on the image without editing it any further. The artist/photographer did such a great job shooting this photo, it felt wrong to touch it any other way.

As for the background image, there are links down there on my blog where you can find the parent website for that. I think it adds to the theme giving it enough attention but not too much.

So, what do you think? Do they add to the blog or take something away from it?

Till we meet again,



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