The Shopaholic Escapades

Blogging 101 Day 9: Get Inspired by the Neighbors. Yesterday, you left comments on four other blogs — that means the posts were thought-provoking. Let’s draw on that! Today, write a post that builds on one of these comments, and link to the other blog.

While on the mission for the last assignment, I came upon this unique post. This was the first time I stumbled on a post about window-shopping. Yes! Window-shopping! The one thing that each one of us has been guilty of.

Taking inspiration from this post, I borrowed this idea and tried to indulge myself with some of my own virtual-shopping. A girl can dream, right?

I’ve always been a big fan of Korean fashion. But alas! The tinsy-winsy part of the globe I inhibit, is no way near that country, nor do I’ve a pocket deep enough to import these goodies. And if I had? Hahaha… why would I spend this much money on a single dress when I can buy tens of such things at the same price?

So unless I suck up the courage to travel alone, get a good grip on the native language and decide to trot my way to this territory, window-shopping will be the only way I can satisfy these lusty thoughts.

At first I started in the women’s section but somehow ended up in the couples’ section. Oh, there were so many things to ogle over! I could feel the drool on my face as I browsed through rows and rows of these matching clothes for couples.

Now, if only I can find my guy so that we may go hunting for something similar. (sigh)

What about your window-shopping adventures? Don’t forget to comment with the link for your blog post if you ever decide to blog about the same.



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