Visiting the Neighbourhood


Blogging 101 Day 8: Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors! Leaving thoughtful comments puts you in conversation with other bloggers — and entices them to visit you! Today, leave comments on four different blogs.

I love today’s assignment! It’s like making friends for the first time! In this post, I’ve added the comments that I made at these blogs so as to better equip this post for the ongoing mission.

Taking this opportunity, I went to my followers’ list and found an author! Apart from his books, his blog contains this section ‘Musings’ which is just a tiny tit-bit of advises that a friendly neighbour throws in here and there. If you do need just a quick fix and do not have the time to read blogs, I encourage you to get there and enjoy these ‘musings’, which are short but sweet.  And don’t forget to read his about page, which I firmly believe can teach all of us a thing or two.


Next is this amazing blog post on window-shopping. And this was the one post that inspired my blog post for the next assignment.






While on my quest to find some other interesting blog post that I can share here, this one particular blog post caught my attention due to its unique post-name. The style this post was written in by another fellow diarist intrigued me. So I decided to follow this blog. I hope the writer continues with her blog, that otherwise seems to be out of action since late last year.



Till next time,



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