The Dream Booth

While I was taking The Daily Post’s Blogging 101 course, we were asked to develop a regular posting feature for our blog. Two things sprang to my mind as I read the topic for the day. Photos or fiction? Or I can write about things I’m grateful for. Hey! What about a ‘Music Monday’ or ‘Horror Tuesday’?

Then, I came across this post and knew this is what I want to do. I want to talk about dreams, dreams as in not your life purpose but those you have with your eyes closed.

When I was a child, I used to have vivid dreams about random things. But once in a while, I dreamt about something that stayed with me till this day. I wonder if it’s just my subconscious mind relaying my most intimate thoughts in the form of dreams or is it a precursor of whats to come. And how do I interpret them when there are so many ways to do so? Which one is the sure-shot method?

My mother says that bad dreams must be told so as not to make them come true and good ones must be kept a secret for fate to take an action. But there are times when my dreams are so vivid and frightening that I can not make myself voice them out loud. What if I tempt fate? And what if I don’t tell someone and they come true?

Hence, I decided to write them here, make it into a monthly feature. That would mean more time for me to write about other things and more freedom to choose which ones to share.

So are you excited? Would you like to listen to my dreams and occasional nightmares? Do you want to share some of yours?

Come lets do it.



Can't stop talking? Share your thoughts here! :)

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