The Dream Booth – In Colours

Frightened kids

Photo c/o

Today I had a strange dream. A shadow was watching over my brother as he slept. I was watching the shadow who was bent over him, and my brother unaware of it, was sleeping just fine.

I knew that shadow was not a human but something else and that scared me to death. What scared me more was the fact that it was watching him, as if deciding something. I sensed something sinister as I watched the shadow.

Less than a year ago, my brother moved to another city and was home for a visit this week. So this dream disturbed me quite a bit. This is the second time I’ve dreamt of harm befalling on a family member in less than a week.

Dearest God, please look over my family and protect them at all costs. Let no harm come to any of them. If you are there, I can rest in peace.



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