My Music Diary – The Beginning

Photo c/o pinterest

Hello! Namaste! Anyoung haseyo!

Starting from today, I’ll share here my music love because music is like the language of the soul. I’m sure there isn’t one person on this planet whose heart hasn’t been touched by music – be it poetry, folk songs, instrumentals, pop, rock, classical or other/s. No matter what type of music you enjoy, it can not be denied that music is food for soul. It touches us, inspires and sometimes, as in my case, makes the creative juices flowing.

I love writing with my music on. It’s like dancing to my own rhythm, a unique choreography of words. To me, it’s a great way to unleash my imagination, and to relax from everyday life. I don’t always need words, sometimes I close my eyes and listen to music, plain instrumentals and orchestras.

These days, I’ve been watching music videos on YouTube, not the regular ones but those, people like you and me make out of love for a TV series. Some are so amazing that it would be a crime if I do not share them here.

So, My Music Diary will feature not just music but also fan-videos or anything else that I find intriguing. The only condition – there must be some music involved. 

Are you ready to blast those headphones off?



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