Touch Love | Master’s Sun

My Music Diary #2

Touch Love | Master’s Sun

This is the OST of the drama and it successfully captures all the feels. A perfect song to listen to as you curl up with a hot cup of coffee and your favourite book on a rainy day. Or even better, when you are by yourself in a cafe and this song pops up. Though I may not completely understand the lyrics, yet the voice of the singer coupled with the music creates a serene atmosphere. If I was rating this song, I would give it 5/5. The USP of this song is the starting note. That part is just daebak!

Music: Touch Love
K-Drama: Master’s Sun
Have I watched the drama: Yes.

Watched it and loved it to the bones. Ohhh! I wanna fan-girl so bad. The leading lady is daebak. As for the leading guy, I’ve just one word: Kkeojyeo 😉 *those familiar with the drama will get the reference. 🙂

If you’ve watched this drama, then wait for the review and then let’s squeal together.


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