Show Me Some List Love


  1. Sipping coffee and listening to music as per my mood in the early morning.
  2. Feeling the refreshing and cool morning breeze ruffling my hairs.
  3. Writing in my diary with an ink pen.
  4. Watching funny scenes from Asian dramas on YouTube.
  5. Resting on my back on the terrace of my house and watching the night sky full of stars and moon.
  6. Saturday nights of board games with my family.
  7. Reading one of book from the The Chalet School series.
  8. Reading random blog posts about people and their life.
  9. Painting when I feel restless without any specific reason and even reading can’t help me feel at peace.
  10. Watching Harry Potter movies specially the first two.

*** This post was written in response to Writing 101 prompt ‘Lists’ and inspired by Things We Like. Wanna join in the fun? List down 10 things you like. Remember to be as specific as possible.



4 thoughts on “Show Me Some List Love

    • Please do so. I suggest going through the website that inspired this post. You’ll be amazed at how one little thing, thing that one person takes for granted, can make another happy. 🙂


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