Through My Lens – Security

Written in response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

‘A promise never forgotten’

This ring represents so many things to me -hope, wish, security, and love. When I see this ring, I remember the promise that came with it. I had lost so many things at that time. In desperation, I had asked if it would ever be alright? Should I still cling on to hope or give up already?

I haven’t been able to wear it for more than a day because it isn’t the sturdiest one out there as you can see from the broken part, but it is the most important accessory I have ever had. No diamonds can ever compare to it.

It is true – emotions can make or break things. And that makes this ring all the more precious to me. It is my safety blanket. All I have to do is wait and have faith in me and have faith in her.

Ma, you’re watching me, right?

All the love,


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