Jolt from a broken heart 



My dear



You love her. You love her and you do not love me. I was an idiot to think with time you will. But now I realize you won’t. You never will. I am not right for you, but she is. I can see it now, as clearly as a broken heart can see. Isn’t it funny? I do not even have a right to be broken-hearted when you won’t even remember me. To you, I am just a stranger that you pass by on street, without a second glance.

If only I hadn’t known, if only I didn’t visit you that day. I was going to confess. Yes, I had finally gathered my discarded courage and wrapped it over my frail body. After watching her happily-ever-after, I wanted mine too. But now I know, you are not my HEA but hers. And you  know what’s the worse part? I can’t even hate you when you have been nothing but kind – a presence that was like a first snow after a period of struggles and dismay.

I wonder why fate threw you my way when my love was meant to be broken. If I could travel back in time, I won’t meet you. May be then it won’t feel like I have been standing in the rain on a deserted road for hours now, waiting for you  someone to hold out an umbrella for me.

Does she make you happy? Does your heart skip when you think of her? Do you feel the shaking of your bones as you stand next to her?

Tell me what should I do? How do I let go of you? I can no longer hold on to you because I’ve realized even if you weren’t hers, you would never be mine. Because I am not the girl you need. I will never be.

I will release you now, and erase your imprints from my soul. You are hers. And I understand. This jolt was enough to wake me up from the daydream I was in. Thanks and sorry for everything.

I hope you have a wonderful life and I hope to make mine wonderful and happy too.

It’s a goodbye.


The girl who once loved you.

*** Written in response to daily prompt Jolt


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