Roots – The Veins within

Photo source : Pinterest

You and I share a bond

Thicker than blood

Past ages… beyond time.

Hidden in the mysteries 

A shadow long gone

You are a book whose page

I itch to turn.

○ ○ ○

Is it true?

The rumours I hear,

Are you for real

The root in my veins?

If I could trace back the time I seek

What will the chalice of fate hold still?

I wonder if you’re the root I see

When my world is red

And the shadows weep.

      ○ ○ ○

Hold still, a whisper I hear

The answers you seek

Can ne’er be seen

For the naked eye of human

No truth can see

      ○ ○ ○

Is this you?

Comes my anxious yell

But all is vain

As you keep your mum

And so the voice in  my soul

Turns back to the roots that once held.

      ○ ○ ○



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