Coffee Break #3

Dear Reader,

How has your month been? Did you get to travel somewhere new? I did. Although I’ve been in the city before but I never got a chance to stop there. But this time I did, and it was an experience that made me realize how different people and the way they hold themselves can be in spite of the similarities they share.

It isn’t always about money, education or their place in society. Sometimes people can surprise you if only you decide to give them a chance. I was awed by the innocence of some and irked by the smugness of others.

There were strangers who were familiar and vice-versa. I took a chance and stepped out of my comfort bubble for a bit and was rewarded accordingly. I could boost about some of it, yet, there are  still things I could have done if only my courage didn’t falter at the last-minute.

To sum it up, this month has been a lesson to me, an experience of its own making. Hopefully, I have come a step closer to understanding this world we inhibit.

How did you spent June?


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