Coffee Break 0.1 – It’s My Birthday!

July is the month I opened my eyes to Mother Nature’s beauty amidst heavy rainfall. So this being my birth month and me being the senti+mental Leo that I am, I have decided to journal daily for the next 31 days, like mini coffee-break doses. So you get to see what goes inside my head as I dissect my raw intake on life so far. Hope my words sound closer to my age. Any guesses?


~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Listening to Taylor Swift today, the old album ‘Fearless’ of course, takes me back to simpler times – nostalgia wrapping me in its warm blanket, cocooning my tired soul from the idleness of my mind and restlessness of my thoughts.

I am remembering the simpler moments of the past, which surprisingly are the happiest times I reckon.

It’s strange how humans run after all these luxuries, accomplishments, goals and yet, in the end, it is these simpler times – the laughter shared with your sibling in the backyard, the game of tug of war with friends, your mother’s warm embrace and your father’s strong arm that swing you back and forth up in the air – that are itched in your memory, staring back at you from the pages of days past.

Who remembers every moment of failure or even accomplishment? But we all remember what came before all these failures or wins – the beginning, the dream. We remember cradling that dream in our arms for the first time, surprised to find you even have it. We remember how it felt to share it for the first time with the people in our life.

Today, in this nostalgic moment, I feel at peace with myself; away from the troubles and aspirations of the present.

Today, I realize it is these simpler moments, these little specks in time that matter the most. I now know that the happiest moment is now – this moment I am holding in my hands. It’s precious and delicate and it’s here. And I am thankful for all the precious people who make life worth living.



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